FOUNDER + CEO, Holly Thaggard

In May 2018, we met with Founder and CEO of Supergoop!, Holly Thaggard. As a mother and elementary school teacher, Holly worried about her children and students playing out in the sun without SPF. She knew that incidental exposure to the sun could be extremely damaging over time to kids and adults alike, and she wondered: why do so many people not wear sun protection?

So eleven years ago, Holly transitioned from teacher to CEO and launched Supergoop! in efforts to help the world see that SPF is not a summer accessory, but rather an everyday necessity. Since then, Supergoop! has redefined sun protection and developed SPF products that people want to wear.

Supergoop! uses a combination of clean ingredients and antioxidants to achieve maximum sun protection without harming your skin, your body, or the environment. No longer is sunscreen thick, sticky, and greasy. Supergoop! offers innovative products that blend seamlessly, nourish your skin, and feel great. 

So great that you'll want to wear them Every. Single. Day.™