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I’ve spent my whole life learning about entrepreneurship from my mom, who started Bluemercury, a chain of retail cosmetics stores, with my Dad before I was born.  My parents always treated me as a peer.  They asked my opinion on choosing store sites, I have tested skincare products for my mom and created social media campaigns and videos for the marketing department.  A pivotal moment for me was when my mom took me to Seattle with her during the summer of 2015 when she spoke at’s first Women Entrepreneurs Conference.  

I was surrounded by hundreds of female entrepreneurs as my mom talked about her journey and made the case for why we need more female entrepreneurs.  I decided I was so lucky to have this exposure at the age of 12, and that I owed it to other girls to help them have the same exposure to female entrepreneurs that I have had.

The statistics are not good.  Only 18 percent of startups have at least one female founder.  Only 4.94 percent of venture capital goes to female led startups.  Venture capitalists invested $58.2 billion in companies with all-male founders in 2016 and women received just $1.46 billion in VC money last year (source: Venture Capital Database PitchBook).  Only 16% of angel capital goes to female led startups and 94% of the decision makers at venture capital firms are men.  (source: NAWB)

I founded Girls Who Start to help inspire girls to be entrepreneurs.  The goal is to provide exposure to other female entrepreneurs, as well as tools and tips on how to start a company or an organization.  We need more female entrepreneurs.  And we need more women in and around entrepreneurship as founders, investors and creators.  It has to start now!


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Ariel Beck, Founder and National President

Brielle Ohana, Vice President, Chapter Outreach

Sophie Beck, Vice President, Communications